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Customs and Rituals in India

Customs and Rituals in India

The myriad customs and rituals in India, would sure remind you of the age old adage that is associated with the country. That is “Unity in Diversity”. The country is a melting pot of diverse religious faith, cultural and community ethos. It is this diversity that makes the land unique and colorful. These traditions and customs in India has become an inseparable part of the daily life of the common mass. This does not go on to certify that, India is steeped in superstitions. Customs and rituals in India are a gesture of respect and homage to the values and the religious system.

Traditions and Customs in India
Mulling over the traditional practices in the country it is seen that an average Indian is bound by tradition and conventional customs right from birth till death. For instance, after a child is born in a family there is a function and ceremony in order to name the child. This auspicious occasion is marked by the chanting of the Hindu Vedic slokas that have come down from the sages down the century.

Indian weddings mark the performance of various rituals and religious practices. Emphasis is given to the holy fire and the Vedic chants. A place that is well known for regal weddings in India Is Rajasthan

Types of Customs and Rituals in India
Let us have a look at some of the different customary practices and rituals that are followed by the Indians. Described in a nutshell are few prominent ones:-

The Indian Birth Ceremony
This is held post the birth of a child in a family. The ceremony entails the naming of the child where the holy priest declares the first initial. It is with this initial that child’s name should start.

Indian Wedding Ceremony
Weddings are celebrated in the Indian subcontinent with great élan, pomp and ceremony. The entire occasion does not finish in a day. The social as well as the religious customs continues for a stretch of 3-4 days and sometimes even more than that.

Indian Traditional Welcome
Indians live by the popular phrase "Atithi Devo Bhava", which means that any guest or visitor is God’s own reflection. As per the traditional welcome, a guest is given an Indian tikka on the forehead, made of vermillion and is also garlanded.

The most famous form of Indian greeting, and is especially expressed towards the elders. The way to say a traditional “Namaste” is by joining both hands at the chest level. Sometimes it is used for farewell.

Lighting Lamp/Diya
In most Indian household, there is the tradition of lighting a lamp/diya is lighted at God’s altar. This is done in the morning and even evening and is considered to be a pious gesture to appease God.

Indian Death Ceremony
This is performed post the demise of a person. The cremation services are carried on as per the Hindu rituals, which includes burning the body, following a diet for few days, the Shradh and so on.

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