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Festivals of India

No matter which time of the year you tour India, there is always one or the other festival being celebrated in some corner of the country. In fact festive season is the best time to tour India. Heritage tour of India takes one to different parts of the country and provides an opportunity to get a glimpse of Indian culture and festivals. India is the land of different faiths and religions and that is exactly what adds variety to Indian festivals. But festivals in India are not confined to religions only, there are festivals to celebrate a good harvest, welcome a season, celebrate a historical or mythical event. Besides, India has a few national festivals like the Independence Day and Republic Day that are a treat to watch.
Festivals of India
Gaiety, color, enthusiasm and feast are what define festivals in India. In fact festive occasions are best time to travel and make merry. India has a number of festivals that are celebrated through out the year. If Lohri celebrates the end of cold days and chilly nights in January, Holi in March-April is the time to color your loved ones with different kinds of colors. These two festivals are mostly celebrated in North India.

January is also the time to see virtually entire India converge at New Delhi, the capital of India for republic day celebrations. The Republic Day celebration on the 26th of January is a treat to watch.
The Republic Day parade is in fact the best way to get a glimpse of the rich cultural diversity of India without even traveling to remote corners of India. The marching bands, soldiers on caparisoned camels and on foot, school children and folk artists present a colourful extravaganza. Beating the Retreat ceremony brings down curtains on the Republic Day celebrations two days after the Republic Day is yet another opportunity to enjoy melodious tunes played by the Armed forces band. The republic day celebrations are not confined to the capital only but are marked in all parts of the country. The other national festival-Independence Day on the 15th August is also celebrated in all parts of the country.

India has a number of festivals that are celebrated in different parts of the country. If Diwali, Dusshera and Holi are the main festivals celebrated in North India, South India celebrates Onam and Pongal. Bihu is the main festival of Assam in the north-east of India. Apart from these popular festivals there are other important festivals that draw tourists from across India and abroad. Some of the most wonderful festivals that you can enjoy include Kullu Dusshera in Himachal Pradesh, Hemis festival in Leh Ladakh and Bastar Dusshera in Chhattisgarh. Discover the land of myriad culture on heritage tour of India with Heritage in India.

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